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Markets > Market Reports > Panamax Bulk > Rates in both basins coming under pressure this week... Archive:
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Rates in both basins coming under pressure this week...

17 December 2012

The Panamax market was a little quieter this week, with the BPI continuing to fall on a daily basis. In the Pacific, activity was at generally subdued levels, with excess tonnage exerting downward pressure on rates. Rates also came under pressure in the Atlantic.

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May-26Artemis200676,942BUNGEPORT KELANG  WORLD WIDE 28May-05Jun 5,500 $/Day 11-14 Months
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May-25Fulvia201093,273PAN OCEANZHUHAI  WORLD WIDE 26May-29May 4,750 $/Day 3-5 Months
May-25Darya Devi201381,930CARGILLCAI LAN  WORLD WIDE Prompt 5,900 $/Day 11-13 Months
May-20Coronis200674,381PHAETHONDONG GUAN  WORLD WIDE 25May-30May 5,250 $/Day 1-9 Months
May-19Trade Quest201682,000LOUIS DREYFUSSHANGHAI  WORLD WIDE 10Jun-15Jun 6,500 $/Day 10-14 Months
May-18Capetan Costas S201281,542CARGILLCHINA  WORLD WIDE 22May-28May 5,900 $/Day 16-20 Months
May-18Four Coal201476,822AQUAVITAGIBRALTAR  WORLD WIDE Prompt $/Day 15 Months
May-17Sea Melody I200275,957BUNGECJK  WORLD WIDE 21May-25May 5,400 $/Day 4-7 Months
May-17Ocean Garlic201282,306LOUIS DREYFUSLianyungang  WORLD WIDE 25May-28May 5,400 $/Day 7-9 Months
May-16Seatrust201381,513CNRSINGAPORE  WORLD WIDE Prompt 6,250 $/Day 12 Months
May-13Ecosand G. O.200875,239OLDENDORFFYANTAI  WORLD WIDE 21May-23May 5,000 $/Day 5-9 Months
May-12Pictor200276,598BUNGEINCHON  WORLD WIDE 15May-17May 5,250 $/Day 4-7 Months
May-12Federica Prima200576,596OLDENDORFFSOUTH KOREA  WORLD WIDE 14May-20May 5,350 $/Day 4-7 Months
May-12Gleamstar201175,491BEIBU GULFJIANGYIN  WORLD WIDE 18May-20May 5,250 $/Day 4-7 Months
May-11Imperial200775,527PGSCFLUSHING  ATLANTIC 15May-17May 5,500 $/Day 3-5 Months
May-10Darya Uma200576,520BG SHIPPINGQINGDAO  WORLD WIDE 15May-17May 5,400 $/Day 4-7 Months
May-04Navios Alegria200476,466NORDIC BULK CARRIERSCHIWAN  WORLD WIDE 08May-10May 5,750 $/Day 4-7 Months
May-04Alcyon200175,247NORDENSINGAPORE  WORLD WIDE Prompt 5,000 $/Day 12-16 Months
Apr-29Olympic Glory201184,091QUADRARIZHAO  WORLD WIDE Prompt 6,050 $/Day 10-15 Months

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