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Markets > Market Reports > Panamax Bulk > Rates in both basins coming under pressure this week... Archive:
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Rates in both basins coming under pressure this week...

17 December 2012

The Panamax market was a little quieter this week, with the BPI continuing to fall on a daily basis. In the Pacific, activity was at generally subdued levels, with excess tonnage exerting downward pressure on rates. Rates also came under pressure in the Atlantic.

Latest Panamax Bulk Fixtures
Jun-23Crystalia201477,525SWISS MARINECJK  WORLD WIDE 25Jun-03Jul 6,250 $/Day 11-14 Months
Jun-22Odysseas I201381,662LOUIS DREYFUSKARAIKAL  WORLD WIDE 21Jun-23Jun 6,000 $/Day 4-8 Months
Jun-21Bulk Castor201566,636CNRORAN  WORLD WIDE 30Jun 8,350 $/Day 3-6 Months
Jun-20Meteor201082,589GLENCORETIANJIN  WORLD WIDE 01Jul-10Jul 6,000 $/Day 1 Years
Jun-17Lucky Star200276,662BUNGEKUNSAN  WORLD WIDE 16Jun-18Jun 5,000 $/Day 4-8 Months
Jun-17Shandong Hai Yao201475,971OLDENDORFFCJK  WORLD WIDE 21Jun-23Jun 4,800 $/Day 5-8 Months
Jun-17Shao Shan 5201275,700PHAETHONHALDIA  WORLD WIDE 22Jun-25Jun 5,000 $/Day 3-5 Months
Jun-13Navios Felicity199773,867UNIPERSINGAPORE  WORLD WIDE 06Jun 5,000 $/Day
Jun-10Thetis200473,583TRANSGRAIN   WORLD WIDE 16Jun 5,150 $/Day 10-13 Months
Jun-10Kypros Loyalty201577,998CNRSINGAPORE  WORLD WIDE Prompt 6,300 $/Day 11-14 Months
Jun-08Koulitsa200376,858CNRRICHARDS BAY  WORLD WIDE 5,750 $/Day 4-7 Months
Jun-07Arethusa200773,593UNITEDBATANGAS  WORLD WIDE Prompt 5,000 $/Day 5-7 Months
Jun-01Sunny Young201181,966HYUNDAI GLOVISCJK  WORLD WIDE 04Jun-08Jun 5,350 $/Day 5-8 Months
May-31Vittoria201378,259UNITEDGIBRALTAR  WORLD WIDE 25May $/Tonne 10-16 Months
May-27Jag Ajay201682,000LOUIS DREYFUSCJK  WORLD WIDE Prompt 6,500 $/Day 9-14 Months
May-26Artemis200676,942BUNGEPORT KELANG  WORLD WIDE 28May-05Jun 5,500 $/Day 11-14 Months
May-26Naias200673,546BUNGEKOHSICHANG  WORLD WIDE 25May-29May 5,000 $/Day 5-7 Months
May-25Fulvia201093,273PAN OCEANZHUHAI  WORLD WIDE 26May-29May 4,750 $/Day 3-5 Months
May-25Darya Devi201381,930CARGILLCAI LAN  WORLD WIDE Prompt 5,900 $/Day 11-13 Months
May-20Coronis200674,381PHAETHONDONG GUAN  WORLD WIDE 25May-30May 5,250 $/Day 1-9 Months

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