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Markets > Market Reports > Panamax Bulk > Rates in both basins coming under pressure this week... Archive:
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Rates in both basins coming under pressure this week...

17 December 2012

The Panamax market was a little quieter this week, with the BPI continuing to fall on a daily basis. In the Pacific, activity was at generally subdued levels, with excess tonnage exerting downward pressure on rates. Rates also came under pressure in the Atlantic.

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Nov-21Sasebo Green201477,880CNRKASHIMA  WORLD WIDE 30Nov 9,000 $/Day 4 Months
Nov-18Bahia 1201282,250CNRZHOUSHAN  WORLD WIDE 28Nov-30Nov 8,500 $/Day 4-6 Months
Nov-18Konstantinos II201381,698SINO EASTCHIWAN  WORLD WIDE 26Nov-29Nov 8,150 $/Day 6-9 Months
Nov-18MG Sakura200675,379PANOCEANVIETNAM  WORLD WIDE 20Nov-24Nov 7,800 $/Day 4-7 Months
Nov-17GL Pirapo201398,704COBELFRETZHOUSHAN  WORLD WIDE Prompt 8,200 $/Day 12-18 Months
Nov-17Oriental Wise201181,601PHAETHONDhamra  WORLD WIDE Prompt 8,250 $/Day 5-7 Months
Nov-17Bellatrix200677,053STARBOARDTAIWAN  WORLD WIDE 18Nov-24Nov 8,000 $/Day 18-24 Months
Nov-16Cemtex Innovation201381,326PACIFIC BULKCHIBA  WORLD WIDE 20Nov-22Nov 8,350 $/Day 4-7 Months
Nov-16Rosco Olive201074,979PHAETHONDALIAN  WORLD WIDE 17Nov 8,500 $/Day 4-7 Months
Nov-16Libertas200774,930PACCANTWERP  WORLD WIDE 23Nov-28Nov 13,250 $/Day 3-5 Months

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