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Markets > Market Reports > Panamax Bulk > Rates in both basins coming under pressure this week... Archive:
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Rates in both basins coming under pressure this week...

17 December 2012

The Panamax market was a little quieter this week, with the BPI continuing to fall on a daily basis. In the Pacific, activity was at generally subdued levels, with excess tonnage exerting downward pressure on rates. Rates also came under pressure in the Atlantic.

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Jul-28Ocean Wind200576,619CNRCJK  WORLDWIDE 25Jul-26Jul 8,700 $/Day 4-6 Months
Jul-25ABYO Oprah200682,551OLDENDORFFNANTONG  WORLD WIDE 20Jul-26Jul 9,000 $/Day 4-6 Months
Jul-25Caravos Triumph201281,664GMIXINSHA  WORLD WIDE 22Jul-27Jul 9,000 $/Day 4-8 Months
Jul-24Great Hope201275,480CNRMIZUSHIMA  WORLD WIDE 25Jul-30Jul 9,000 $/Day 11-13 Months
Jul-21An Ho200477,834CNRZHOUSHAN  WORLD WIDE 25Jul-30Jul 8,500 $/Day 4-6 Months
Jul-21Prabhu Das200576,015CNRLONGKOU  WORLD WIDE 16Jul-20Jul 8,500 $/Day 3-6 Months
Jul-21Yong Feng200074,131SMART GAINCJK  WORLD WIDE Prompt 9,100 $/Day 4-6 Months
Jul-18Silver Navigator201180,311OLDENDORFFZHOUSHAN  WORLD WIDE Prompt 7,700 $/Day 3-6 Months
Jul-17Leto201081,297CARGILLSKAW  WORLD WIDE 18Jul-23Jul 11,350 $/Day 10-13 Months
Jul-16Stella Belinda201381,700EDF TRADINGCHINA  WORLD WIDE 25Jul-30Jul 11,500 $/Day 2 Years
Jul-16KM Shanghai201480,545CNRTANJUNG BIN  WORLD WIDE 22Jul-27Jul 10,250 $/Day 11-13 Months
Jul-16Crest Trader200676,596RIO TINTOKAWASAKI  WORLD WIDE 23Jul-28Jul 9,900 $/Day 11-13 Months
Jul-14Efessos Wave201287,332COBELFRETJaigarh  WORLD WIDE 13Jul-16Jul 9,250 $/Day 4-7 Months
Jul-11Constantinos G.O.201187,447CNRZHOUSHAN  WORLD WIDE 20Jul-24Jul 9,250 $/Day 5-8 Months
Jul-11Crest Trader200676,596CNRKAWASAKI  WORLD WIDE 23Jul-28Jul 10,000 $/Day 11-13 Months
Jul-10Barock200782,668KLAVENESSFANGCHENG  WORLD WIDE 17Jul-20Jul 10,100 $/Day 11-13 Months
Jul-09Ocean Libra201381,504CLEARLAKE SHIPPINGLianyungang  WORLDWIDE 14Jul-24Jul 10,250 $/Day 10-14 Months
Jul-09Ocean Life200375,318CNRQINGDAO  WORLDWIDE 12Jul-22Jul 9,000 $/Day 4-6 Months
Jul-07AOM Georgina201482,146CARGILLDAHEJ  WORLD WIDE 29Jun-30Jun 11,600 $/Day 11-13 Months
Jul-07Afovos200174,350NORDENBEI HAI  WORLD WIDE Prompt 9,000 $/Day 4-9 Months

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