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Markets > Market Reports > Handymax > The market was a little softer this week... Archive:
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The market was a little softer this week...

17 December 2012

Overall, the Handy market was a little softer this week, with rates from the East Coast of South America decreasing, while activity in the US Gulf rose marginally.

Latest Handymax Fixtures
Sep-18Sifnos201057,050OLDENDORFFWC INDIA  WORLD WIDE 21Sep-25Sep 9,100 $/Day 4-6 Months
Sep-12Heilan Aroma201156,878ULTRABULKNCSA  WORLD WIDE Prompt 13,500 $/Day 4-6 Months
Sep-11Captain Andreadis200958,500OLDENDORFFFUJAIRAH  WORLD WIDE 12Sep-16Sep 10,000 $/Day 3-5 Months
Sep-11Jian Qiang199646,807XO SHIPPINGUS GULF  WORLD WIDE 30Sep 12,000 $/Day 4-6 Months
Sep-10Arion SB199745,916SIVABULKCJK  WORLD WIDE 11Sep-13Sep 9,750 $/Day 4-6 Months
Sep-08Densa Cougar201257,592OLDENDORFFSINGAPORE  WORLD WIDE Prompt 10,500 $/Day 3-5 Months
Sep-02Conti Lapislazuli201157,001CNRSINGAPORE  WORLD WIDE Prompt 10,500 $/Day 3-5 Months
Aug-29Transtime201256,726CNRJEBEL ALI  WORLD WIDE Prompt 8,750 $/Day 4-6 Months
Aug-28Star Globe201056,868ED&F MAN SHIPPINGNORTH SPAIN  ATLANTIC Prompt 10,000 $/Day 2-4 Months
Aug-27Beks Nazik201257,644NORDIC BULK CARRIERSCHITTAGONG  WORLD WIDE 28Aug-30Aug 8,500 $/Day 3-5 Months
Aug-21Flag Mersinidi201156,754SIVABULKMUNDRA  PMO-JAPAN 23Aug-26Aug 8,000 $/Day 2-4 Months
Aug-21Navios Kypros200355,000WESTERN BULK CARRIERSSOUTH KOREA  WORLD WIDE Prompt 11,350 $/Day 3-5 Months
Aug-20Densa Dolphin201058,772NORDENTAIWAN  WORLD WIDE Prompt 10,000 $/Day 3-5 Months
Aug-20Ci Yun Shan201056,600COPENSHIPUS GULF  WORLD WIDE Prompt 13,000 $/Day 5-7 Months
Aug-20Bianco Bulker200152,193CLIPPERHONG KONG  WORLD WIDE Prompt 10,500 $/Day 3-5 Months
Aug-15Densa Panther201157,284JALDHINEMRUT BAY  WORLD WIDE Prompt 11,000 $/Day 3-5 Months
Aug-07COS Orchid200655,539PACIFIC BULKCANAKKALE  WORLD WIDE 20Aug-25Aug 12,500 $/Day 2-4 Months
Aug-06Great Praise200652,424CNRGREECE  WORLD WIDE 13Aug-17Aug 9,500 $/Day 1 Years
Aug-04Jia Hui Shan201156,611HBCCANAKKALE  WORLD WIDE Prompt 10,250 $/Day 4-6 Months
Aug-01Vega Taurus201057,000PHAETHONLONDONDERRY  WORLD WIDE Prompt 10,000 $/Day 3-5 Months

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