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Markets > Market Reports > Capesize > Activity picked up this week and rates improved... Archive:
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Activity picked up this week and rates improved...

21 January 2013

Activity in the Capesize market picked up notably this week. Rates increased in both basins, although the greatest gains were in the Atlantic where round voyage trip rates rose by 54% w-o-w to stand at $10,000/day.

Latest Capesize Fixtures
Feb-23Sunlight2000172,572CARGILLSHANGHAI  WORLD WIDE 13Feb 11,400 $/Day 12 Months
Feb-23Cape Osprey1999171,850CARGILLLUOJING  WORLD WIDE 01Mar-03Mar 12,000 $/Day 12 Months
Feb-22Heroic2010182,060CLASSIC MARITIMEN CHINA  WORLD WIDE Prompt 11,300 $/Day 11-13 Months
Feb-22El Grasso2012181,365RIO TINTOCHINA  WORLD WIDE 01May 13,000 $/Day 11-13 Months
Feb-22Rugia2011176,531OLDENDORFFCHINA  WORLD WIDE 06Mar-08Mar 12,500 $/Day 12 Months
Feb-22Ekaterini2012173,555PACIFIC BULKHONG KONG  WORLD WIDE Prompt 11,000 $/Day 11-13 Months
Feb-17Alpha Freedom2015179,258ECTPCHINA  WORLD WIDE 28Feb 14,000 $/Day 11-13 Months
Feb-14Q Gayle2011206,565SWISS MARINETIANJIN  WORLD WIDE 15Mar $/Tonne 9-12 Months
Feb-12CSK Glory2002173,044BUNGEHUANG HUA  WORLD WIDE 21Feb-25Feb 9,500 $/Day 11-14 Months
Feb-09Aliki2005180,235SWISS MARINETOBATA  WORLD WIDE 10Feb-20Feb 10,300 $/Day 11-14 Months
Feb-09Anangel Merchant2010179,719CNRJAPAN  WORLD WIDE Prompt 12,500 $/Day 11-14 Months
Feb-08Attikos2012178,929CARGILLHONG KONG  WORLD WIDE Prompt $/Day 11-13 Months
Feb-07KSL Santos2014181,055DHLQINGDAO  WORLD WIDE 15Feb-28Feb 13,250 $/Day 11-13 Months
Feb-07N Fos2010179,294RIO TINTOZHANGIANG  WORLD WIDE Prompt 11,450 $/Day 11-13 Months
Feb-03Cape Kestrel2016181,267CNRN CHINA  WORLD WIDE 15Feb-20Feb 13,000 $/Day 12-14 Months
Jan-31Seattle2011179,362KOCHCAOFEDIAN  WORLD WIDE 06Feb 11,700 $/Day 14-17 Months
Jan-26Gortynia2015182,476ANGLO AMERICANSINGAPORE  WORLD WIDE Prompt $/Day 11-14 Months
Jan-26Anangel Argonaut2009177,835CNRN CHINA  WORLD WIDE Prompt 12,000 $/Day 12-16 Months
Jan-25Baltimore2005177,243CARGILLN CHINA  WORLD WIDE 01Feb-10Feb 11,300 $/Day 13-16 Months
Jan-24Los Angeles2012206,104SWISS MARINEQINGDAO  WORLD WIDE 23Jan $/Day 13-15 Months

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