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Markets > Market Reports > Capesize > Activity picked up this week and rates improved... Archive:
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Activity picked up this week and rates improved...

21 January 2013

Activity in the Capesize market picked up notably this week. Rates increased in both basins, although the greatest gains were in the Atlantic where round voyage trip rates rose by 54% w-o-w to stand at $10,000/day.

Latest Capesize Fixtures
Nov-06Dream Canary2015180,528SWISS MARINEAMSTERDAM  WORLD WIDE 12Nov-15Nov 11,250 $/Day 11-14 Months
Nov-06Alpha Prudence2007178,002PACIFIC BULKFANGCHENG  WORLD WIDE 15Nov-20Nov 9,000 $/Day 3-6 Months
Nov-05Navios Happiness2009180,022SWISS MARINERIZHAO  WORLD WIDE 09Nov-12Nov 4,750 $/Day 12-16 Months
Oct-19New Orleans2015180,000SWISS MARINESWS  WORLD WIDE 04Nov-10Nov 11,650 $/Day 11-15 Months
Oct-16Dream Coral2015181,249NOBLEJAPAN  WORLD WIDE Prompt 13,250 $/Day 1-2 Years
Oct-15Samjohn Solidarity2010180,702ANGLO AMERICANHONG KONG  WORLD WIDE 30Nov 10,750 $/Day 11-16 Months
Oct-09Nymphe2009180,018EDFQINGDAO  WORLD WIDE 11Oct-14Oct 10,650 $/Day 10-15 Months
Oct-08Bulk China2005175,971PHAETHONSINGAPORE  WORLD WIDE 25Sep-30Sep 11,900 $/Day 4-7 Months
Oct-02CPO Oceania2010179,701SWISS MARINESHANGHAI  WORLD WIDE 07Oct 12,500 $/Day 4-7 Months
Sep-23Cape Century2001172,683SWISS MARINEXIAMEN  WORLD WIDE Prompt 12,850 $/Day 6 Months
Sep-01Aquadiva2010182,060OLDENDORFFLUOJING  SINGAPORE-JAPAN Prompt 10,750 $/Day 5-7 Months
Aug-28Aquadiva2010182,060OLDENDORFFLUOJING  SINGAPORE-JAPAN Prompt 10,750 $/Day 5-7 Months
Jul-29Lowlands Prosperity2012179,895E.ONRIZHAO  WORLD WIDE Prompt 16,000 $/Day 5-8 Months
Jul-28Glovis Advance2012179,217CARAVELCaofeidian  WORLD WIDE 03Aug-05Aug 13,400 $/Day 6-9 Months
Jul-27C. Discovery2010179,185CARGILLJINGTANG  WORLD WIDE 26Jul 13,750 $/Day 5-9 Months
Jul-16Seafarer2014181,119LOUIS DREYFUSCHINA  WORLDWIDE 25Jul-30Jul 14,750 $/Day 4-7 Months
Jul-16Navios Fulvia2010179,263CNRZHOUSHAN  WORLDWIDE 01Aug-05Aug 14,350 $/Day 16-21 Months
Jul-13Heroic2010182,060CLASSIC MARITIMECaofeidian  WORLD WIDE Prompt 12,000 $/Day 10-16 Months
Jul-10Great Qin2010176,104CARAVELDhamra  WORLDWIDE 06Jul 11,000 $/Day 3-6 Months
Jul-08Shine On2015179,406LOUIS DREYFUSSUNDONG  WORLDWIDE 09Jul 14,000 $/Day 4-8 Months

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