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Markets > Market Reports > Handymax > Rates in the Pacific generally softened this week... Archive:
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Rates in the Pacific generally softened this week...

21 January 2013

Rates in the Pacific generally softened this week. In the Atlantic, Handysize rates from NCSA, ECSA, the US Gulf and West Africa firmed, while activity in the Continent and Eastern Med was low. Rates in the Western Med have been picking up slowly as a result of ballasting vessels heading towards ECSA and the US Gulf.

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Sep-29Ionic201358,468CARGILLDAMIETTA  WORLD WIDE 01Oct-05Oct 9,000 $/Day 3-5 Months
Sep-28Qing Yun Shan201663,442CNRUS GULF  WORLD WIDE Prompt 10,000 $/Day 3-5 Months
Sep-28Yi Long Shan201356,637PGSCUS GULF  WORLD WIDE 03Oct-04Nov 8,500 $/Day 3-5 Months
Sep-27Olympic Pride200655,705CNRPersianGulf  WORLD WIDE 30Sep 7,500 $/Day 4-6 Months
Sep-22Arkas201258,471OLDENDORFFFUJAIRAH  SINGAPORE-JAPAN Prompt 6,000 $/Day 2-4 Months
Sep-22Cepheus201256,539PAN OCEANVIETNAM  WORLD WIDE 30Sep 6,750 $/Day 5-7 Months
Sep-21All Star Atlas201463,500WBCKOHSICHANG  WORLD WIDE 30Sep 7,350 $/Day 4-6 Months
Sep-07Spar Vega201157,981WBCHON GAI  WORLD WIDE Prompt 7,650 $/Day 4-6 Months
Sep-07Dalmatia G201057,673SEATREKCJK  WORLD WIDE Prompt 7,000 $/Day 3-5 Months
Sep-01Tiger Zhejiang201563,488CNRN CHINA  WORLD WIDE 30Sep 7,650 $/Day 6-8 Months
Aug-31Genco Bourgogne201057,981TRAFIGURAShanwei  WORLD WIDE 30Aug-31Aug 7,250 $/Day 4-6 Months
Aug-30Spring Cosmos201463,273PHAETHONCJK  WORLD WIDE Prompt 8,000 $/Day 5-8 Months
Aug-26Galini200556,015CNRUSEC  SINGAPORE-JAPAN Prompt 9,500 $/Day 105-120 Days
Aug-25Minoan Grace201256,709CNRFUJAIRAH  WORLD WIDE Prompt 6,600 $/Day 4-6 Months
Aug-23CP Guangzhou201563,527SIVABULKBANGLADESH  WORLD WIDE 15Aug $/Day 10-12 Months
Aug-22Amoy Action201056,954PACIFIC BULKN CHINA  WORLD WIDE Prompt 6,750 $/Day 7-9 Months
Aug-19Poseidon SW200855,688DHLNansha  WORLD WIDE 20Aug-21Aug 6,250 $/Day 3-5 Months
Aug-16SBI Bravo201561,200DREYFUSIMBITUBA  WORLD WIDE 22Aug-25Aug 7,500 $/Day 5-7 Months
Aug-12Bao Flourish201256,832DHLFAR EAST  WORLD WIDE 15Aug 6,100 $/Day 8-12 Months
Aug-11Navios Astra200653,468GEARBULKCHINA  WORLD WIDE 15Aug 6,250 $/Day 4-7 Months

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