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Markets > Market Reports > Handymax > Rates in the Pacific generally softened this week... Archive:
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Rates in the Pacific generally softened this week...

21 January 2013

Rates in the Pacific generally softened this week. In the Atlantic, Handysize rates from NCSA, ECSA, the US Gulf and West Africa firmed, while activity in the Continent and Eastern Med was low. Rates in the Western Med have been picking up slowly as a result of ballasting vessels heading towards ECSA and the US Gulf.

Latest Handymax Fixtures
Feb-23Spring Melody201463,233CNRRIZHAO  WORLD WIDE Prompt 9,000 $/Day 3-5 Months
Feb-23Vlazakis I201057,022WESTERN BULK CARRIERSNINGDE  SINGAPORE-JAPAN Prompt 7,400 $/Day 4-6 Months
Feb-23Jin Tong200856,935YUKDATHO CHI MINH  WORLD WIDE Prompt 8,000 $/Day 3-5 Months
Feb-22Apageon200552,438ABTABIDJAN  ATLANTIC Prompt 9,000 $/Day 3-5 Months
Feb-21Yangtze Jewel201563,212CNRShanwei  WORLD WIDE 28Feb-01Mar 8,500 $/Day 3-5 Months
Feb-20JOSCO Changzhou201158,764CNRYEOSU  WORLD WIDE 23Feb-24Feb 8,000 $/Day 6-8 Months
Feb-17Navios Celestial200958,063CNRLOME  ATLANTIC 19Feb-25Feb 11,000 $/Day 4-6 Months
Feb-16Greco Libero201563,320VICTORY SHIPPINGCIGADING  WORLD WIDE Prompt 8,000 $/Day 3-5 Months
Feb-15CP Shanghai201563,608PHAETHONCHITTAGONG  WORLD WIDE Prompt 8,000 $/Day 12 Months
Feb-10Equinox Agnandoussa201158,680J LAURITZENFUJAIRAH  WORLD WIDE 15Feb 8,150 $/Day 4-6 Months
Feb-07Ozgur Aksoy201158,410CARGILLPANJIN  WORLD WIDE Prompt 3,500 $/Day 4-6 Months
Feb-02Seaboss200455,426MURCANAKKALE  WORLD WIDE Prompt 10,550 $/Day 76-140 Days
Feb-01Stamford Eagle201661,530WESTERN BULK CARRIERSMISSISSIPPI  WORLD WIDE 04Feb-06Feb 11,750 $/Day 4-6 Months
Feb-01Ci Yun Shan201056,600FEDNAVUS GULF  ATLANTIC 05Feb 11,000 $/Day 3-5 Months
Jan-22SBI Pegasus201563,371BG SHIPPINGLIVERPOOL  ATLANTIC 20Jan 10,250 $/Day 5-7 Months
Jan-16Equinox Eagle201561,208POLARISRas Al Khair  WORLD WIDE Prompt 8,500 $/Day 4-7 Months
Jan-13Sentinel201363,351CNRHOUSTON  WORLD WIDE 15Jan 9,800 $/Day 8-12 Months
Jan-13Bulk Paraguay201663,461PHAETHONSAN ANTONIO  WORLD WIDE Prompt 9,400 $/Day 5-9 Months
Jan-12Spar Ursa201157,981CNRWest Africa  WORLD WIDE Prompt 9,500 $/Day 110-150 Days
Jan-06Noni201561,631GEARBULKGIBRALTAR  WORLD WIDE Prompt 11,000 $/Day 100-200 Days

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