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Markets > Market Reports > Handymax > Rates in the Pacific generally softened this week... Archive:
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Rates in the Pacific generally softened this week...

21 January 2013

Rates in the Pacific generally softened this week. In the Atlantic, Handysize rates from NCSA, ECSA, the US Gulf and West Africa firmed, while activity in the Continent and Eastern Med was low. Rates in the Western Med have been picking up slowly as a result of ballasting vessels heading towards ECSA and the US Gulf.

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Apr-14Top Trader200152,403NORDENJAPAN  WORLD WIDE Prompt 5,500 $/Day 5-7 Months
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Apr-07America Graeca201663,270OLDENDORFFKOSICHANG  WORLD WIDE 10Apr-15Apr 6,000 $/Day 5-7 Months
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Mar-29Joie N201156,557POLARISKOSICHANG  WORLD WIDE Prompt 5,000 $/Day 4-6 Months
Mar-21Amis Elegance201555,404CNRLianyungang  WORLD WIDE 20Mar-28Mar 6,000 $/Day 8-11 Months

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